Time for a Press Release

When a new plant or product is about to be released, it is important to organise and to send out media statements. These are best sent to media outlets such as print, radio, television and online blogs. Print includes specialised gardening magazines, related magazines (e.g. home, renovation, etc.) and newspapers.

You should also consider sending samples, pictures and technical information to all the major media outlets that relate to your product. Organise to have them delivered to the editor or the designated person from that business who deals with such news items.

Be prepared… some will use it in their media (print, radio, online, etc) and others may not. This is all about numbers and gambling that you may strike it successful. Advertising with those media companies is a sure way to have your media statements warmly received – it still may not guarantee exposure, but it is more likely to occur.

However, before they are sent out, you need to work out EXACTLY what it is you need to send out. The following four statement types outline the terms used in media.

Each of these types of statements are used for a different purpose and achieve different results when communicating with the media or the general public.

  • News Releases: A news release is a document that is used to not only deliver news to journalists but also to the general public. A news release is usually used “as is” and posted directly to the internet on various news sites. There is no need to re-write a news release because it is ready to print.
  • Press Releases: The main purpose of a press release is to reach the media (journalists) with new or an announcement. Just like news releases, press releases are often posted online. However, the main purpose of a press release is to issue news to a journalist.
  • Media Release: Unlike news releases and press releases, a media release is usually hidden from the public and never posted online. A media release is only intended to release information to the media (journalists).
  • Media Alert: A media alert follows a unique format that features the sub-headlines of “what, when, where, how and why”. A media alert is used to announce an event. Common events that a media alert is used to announce include press conferences, protests, rallies, entertainment events, grand openings.

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subTropical Gardening magazinesubTropical Gardening magazine

Issue 32, Aug 2013

Award Winner 2012 – Most Popular Gardening Publication
Award Winner 2011 – Award of Merit – for excellence in horticultural media.

Australia’s award winning gardening magazine with a focus on warm climate gardening. Well suited to areas of Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory and Western Australia, plus colder climates for gardeners who love a challenge or have a greenhouse. Tropical and subtropical gardening advice.

Featured articles are:

-Garden reviews – Hamilton Garden in Beenleigh by Arno King
-Roberto Burle Marx
-Butterflies and host plants by Paul Plant
-Lost in the grass by Heather Knowles
-Colour under the canopy by Noel Burdette
-Grevilleas – grafting solutions
-Bamboo shoots
-Bushfire safety II by Joan Dillon
-Favourite: night scented plants written by Claire Bickle, Helen Curran, Joan Dillon, Ross Gelling, Phillip O’Malley
-Subtropicalia Collector pages – bromeliads, climbers, creepers/groundcovers, curiosity plants, flowering trees, funky foliage, ginger group, orchids, palms, scented plants, succulents, tropical shrubs
-Herbs – nasturtiums by Paul Plant
-Vegetables – yams by Arno King
-Fruit – pepinos by Claire Bickle
-Fruit – ambarella by Barbara Beerling
-Health/Safety – skin protection by David Bromwich
-Garden calendar – Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov… by Arno King
-World events
-Book reviews
-Places to visit – Sydney + Tingalpa
-Social gardeners
-Directory source guide + classifieds

subTropical Gardening was launched in 2005 and maintains its clear dominance in northern Australia for its focused articles on the specific climate and unique photography.  All contributors have suitable qualifications and all live in the climate zone that the magazine focuses on. This magazine provides a fresh approach to gardening publications and clearly targeted at keen and serious gardeners for those who live in warm climates.

This ‘magazine’ is designed more like a reference journal that is collected and kept by gardeners.

Target audience: public

RRP: $9.95; 1yr subscription $35.80
100 pages (12.5 pages of advertising) = 12.5% advertising
Frequency: Quarterly – Feb, May, Aug, Nov.
Editor: Paul Plant
Publisher: Subtropicalia Media P/L
Web: www.stgmagazine.com.au


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